Boundary County Museum
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Museum Supporters

The Boundary County Historical Society
would like to thank those who support
our local museum and help keep the lights on.

No gift is too large or too small. You have all played a part.
Listed in no particular order, you are all special to us.

Thank you!
Boundary County Idaho
Idaho Humanities Council
Idaho Heritage Trust
Idaho Community Foundation
Union Pacific Railroad
Idaho Forest Group
Kootenai Tribe of Idaho
Burlington Northern Community Foundation
Meadow Creek Computer Works
John Sater
Glen & Beulah Patterson
Howard & Donna Kent
Rege & Carolyn McNeill
Bill & Nona Kaye Clark
Marj Pinkerton
Dick & Kathy Schnuerle
Dave & Dottie Gray
Brion & Glenda Poston
Joyce Swenson
Mel & Deb Wood
Ned Dyer Family

Rich & Sheri Beck
Vic & Donna White
Don Schied
Bob & Ione Spalding
Terry & Sue Howe
Kathy Konek
Dennis & Charlene Johnson
Bill & Faye Morris
Tom & Cathy Florea
Andy Howe
Taylor Geyman
Thomas Ulappa
Joyce Jenkins
Orrin & JoLen Everhart
Larry & Wilma Wallace
Bonners Ferry Nursery
Wink, Inc.
Billie Krause
Ron & Evelyn Smith
Wilson Law Firm
Under The Sun
The Rusty Moose
Carol Thompson
The Dressing Room
Super 1 Foods
Gaylord & Mary Dirks
Sue Wilson Photography
Audrey Scenck
Connie Perez
Maxien Marcy
Silverwood Theme Park
Pete & Kathy Leonard
Sharon's Country Store
Foust, Inc.
Sugar Plum Floral
Richard & Elsie Hollenbeck
Sater's Auction
North Idaho Family Dentistry
John & Karen Standal
Sue Larson
Cal & Barbara Russell
Pace-Kerby & Co., Inc.
Phil & Kris Schnuerle
Steven & Gerry Ann Howlett
Marc Gray
Roland & Linda Hall
Oriental Garden
Northside School B&B
Andy & Barbara Hinderlie
North Idaho Ironworks
Bonners Ferry Rotary Club
Accurate Collision
Mugsy's Tavern & Grill
Fred & Helen Nystrom
Jim Woodward
Mudslinger Pottery
Dave & Laura Anderson
Mountain West Bank
Goat Mountain Pizzeria
Jerry & Judy Everhart
Moose Valley Farms
Badger's Den
Dan & Joan Myers
Beck's Furniture
Lois Johnson
Mi Pueblo
Creative Dreamer 
J.B.'s Tire & Automotive, Inc.
Larson's Department Store
Mark Gundert
Randy Cummings
Don Morice
Bonners Ferry Glass & Door
Chic 'n Chop
Debby Ackley
Kootenai River Inn
Don Jordan Design & Drafting
Bonners Ferry Veterinary Clinic
Idaho Humanities Council
Boundary County Commissioners
Dan Dinning
Walt Kirby
LeAlan Pinkerton
Bonners Ferry Classes of 1960, 1963 & 1966
Boundary Tractor/Yamaha
Heart Rock Wines
Keep in Touch
Columbia Bank
Dr. Danielle Tholl
Jeanne Richards Haircuts
Far North Outfitters
General Feed & Grain
Dan & Jill Nystrom
Jenkins Family
Three Mile Corner
Richard E. Kelson Family
William Miller Family
LeRoy & Betty Kelson Family
Everhart Logging/Road Building, Inc.
Kemmis Family
Skywalker Tree Care
Bonners Books
Mary & Clarence Schuon Family
Susan Kemmis
Rick & Jeannie Alonzo
Dr. Mark Barker
Irma Clark
Bert & Sandra Wolff
Mike Weland
Larry & Alice VanGundy
Bill Craves
Dale Eich
Potlatch 1 Credit Union
Tim Tucker
Zip Trip
Norma Estep
Curves of Bonners Ferry
Fulton Quality Construction
Marciavee Cossette
Denise Thompson
Pat Stewart
Dennis & Donna Dirks
Jack & Violet Flinn
Wayne & Marj Nishek
Shane Peterson
Greg & Kathy Garrison
Nathan Havens
Betty Phalen
John Pierce
Dixie Lee Miller
Ada McArthur
Christina Helton
Jerry Garten
Fred & Alice Hendrickson
James & Gloria Smith
Kevin Shiell
David & Eldora Gatchell
Tom & Peggy Gray
Darrell & Marla Mayer
Bob & Bev Hokanson
Ty & Lisa Liverson
Dave & Lynn Pietz
Karen Seale
Merrill & Betty Marcy
Don Lindsay
Shellye Lindsay
Grace Leidt
Gary & Judy Kuntz
David Koon
Georgia & Pete Jimenez
Beverly Plato
Pro X Home Center
Jim & Kathie Richardson
Ann Helmer
Janet Sapp
Timothy Saunders
Patty Burlingame
John Rate
Gene Dehlbom
Judy Smandych
Kim Studer
Gertrude Baker Estate
Jean Mace
Todd Schmitz
Virginia Cowley
Panhandle Towing
Frank Kajawa
Katherine & Mike Haynes Estate
Joe Reinhardt
Joni Smith
Gene & Pat Andrews
Jim Thompson
Bonner County Museum
Jean Hawkes
Idaho Department of Lands
U.S. Forest Service
The International Selkirk Loop
Leonard & Margie Brant
Lonny Jelinek
Gary Henerson
Steve Bingo
John Hankey
Janis Spangard
Dave & Stephanie Simes
Vic & Tess Rae
Sosse Baker
Hod & Virginia Sanborn 
Marianne Duart
American Legion Boundary Post #55
Kenneth Fry
Trudy Smith
Robert DelGrosso
Boundary County Community Theatre
Elaine Berkowitz
Sammy Day
Terry & Sue Huggins
Jan Conner
Cheryl Frederickson
Carol Pattison
Karrie Huggins
Connie McGlothern
Terri Wallace
Kevin Norwood
Akins Harvest Foods
McArthur Cemetery Association
LeRoy Timm
Tim Jantz
Kevin Schnuerle
Priest Lake Museum
Dan Chisholm
Paul & Barb Rawlings
Mike Klaus
Betty Livdahl
Pat Bryant
Kim Cushman
Bob Olson
Jeff Hood
Sharon Hood
Jennifer Dubin
John O'Connor
Tom Daniel
Bob Neumeyer
Mikes Starnes
Susan Stagliano
Patrick Gardiner
Laura Kitchen
Teresa Shattuck
Mark Brackebusch
Ed Atkins
Dave Wattenbarger
Kenny Irons

and all our other contributors ~ you may not be listed, but you are not forgotten



The Museum is open to the public
$2 a visitor or $5 a family
BCHS members and those 14 yrs old and under are free
October-April Fri & Sat 10-4
May-Sept Tues-Sat 10-4

If you like what you see, please consider a small donation so we can keep our Museum operating.
Thank you for your consideration!

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